019 – Shame on me, no update today!

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Yeah, well, sorry… I didn’t have time to finish the update for today. However, I had this little sketch. I have always had a bad time drawing kisses, so I was quite happy with how this one turned out. I was just doodling a bit and it just came out like this. I liked the feeling, the vibe the kiss gives, so I inked, scanned and more or less finished the pic. I think they looked real cute. I don’t think the cartoon is funny, and this was one of the times when I confused Monney’s nose with Austri’s (Monney’s is supposed to be more like in strip 001). Still, I hope all of them are recognizable at first sight, even in black and white. They were designed with that in mind. It’s a sort of cute pic, if nothing else.

In any case, as I wrote before, I cannot, will not, must not promise a regular update schedule, so if you’re really interested, I’d recommend you to subscribe. I don’t want to make you lose your time for months. Sometimes I have time but not ideas, sometimes I have ideas but not time, and sometimes I just have filler like this. I even thought of not updating today. But I saw in my stats that Reader from Turkey came back (Or is it Reader in Turkey? Pleased to meet you! Thank you for insisting so much, you’re one of the reasons why I started writing back). I cannot promise I will go ahead for long, but I didn’t want to close the comic without thanking you for your interest. I felt quite flattered.
I’ll try to have something better as soon as I can. I just have trouble finding something funny to write. The state of the economy isn’t something to laugh about right now. I try to make fun of it as much as I can, but lately I’ve been facing the real problems of long-term unemployed people, and… Well. I guess I’m not that much inspired right now. Still, I’ll try. I have a few ideas yet. Only, those will need a bit more time and detail.

007 – In Westeros

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The economic girls and their Westerosi counterparts.

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