019 – Shame on me, no update today!

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Yeah, well, sorry… I didn’t have time to finish the update for today. However, I had this little sketch. I have always had a bad time drawing kisses, so I was quite happy with how this one turned out. I was just doodling a bit and it just came out like this. I liked the feeling, the vibe the kiss gives, so I inked, scanned and more or less finished the pic. I think they looked real cute. I don’t think the cartoon is funny, and this was one of the times when I confused Monney’s nose with Austri’s (Monney’s is supposed to be more like in strip 001). Still, I hope all of them are recognizable at first sight, even in black and white. They were designed with that in mind. It’s a sort of cute pic, if nothing else.

In any case, as I wrote before, I cannot, will not, must not promise a regular update schedule, so if you’re really interested, I’d recommend you to subscribe. I don’t want to make you lose your time for months. Sometimes I have time but not ideas, sometimes I have ideas but not time, and sometimes I just have filler like this. I even thought of not updating today. But I saw in my stats that Reader from Turkey came back (Or is it Reader in Turkey? Pleased to meet you! Thank you for insisting so much, you’re one of the reasons why I started writing back). I cannot promise I will go ahead for long, but I didn’t want to close the comic without thanking you for your interest. I felt quite flattered.
I’ll try to have something better as soon as I can. I just have trouble finding something funny to write. The state of the economy isn’t something to laugh about right now. I try to make fun of it as much as I can, but lately I’ve been facing the real problems of long-term unemployed people, and… Well. I guess I’m not that much inspired right now. Still, I’ll try. I have a few ideas yet. Only, those will need a bit more time and detail.

018 – Stupid, stupid reality

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OK, if you want sources about the IMF admitting at last what everyone with half a brain knows since 1929, here’s a source, and another, and another, and you have one, two and three in Spanish, and if you speak another language, there’s Google. The Chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, Olivier Blanchard, has found out that too many cuts in spending make the bad state of the general economy worse. Actually, at least they have been honest enough to admit the following. They calculated that for each dollar not spent, the economy would lose fifty cents. They just found out that for each dollar not spent, the economy loses one dollar and fifty cents.
The fact that it’s the IMF where this info comes from makes it ten times more shocking. I frankly don’t know why Keynesians, Neokeynesians and Neoclassics aren’t screaming these news at the top of their lungs. This is to Economics what the Higgs boson was to Physics. This is the Pope saying organized religion might not be exactly good for the development of the human spirit. This is huge news.

As for the cliff, look for the USA’s fiscal cliff of 2012-2013.

On the artistic level, you probably found this one pretty low. The reason is simple. I have been trying to update more often. I thought that a good way to do so would be to skip the pencil-on-paper, inking and scanning processes. I love the feeling of mechanic pencil on paper, and I can get great detail and expressivity from it. I can correct, and then the inking makes everything better. But it was a long and tedious process. I have a few half-inked pages that have been waiting to be finished and scanned for long. This time, I just opened a photoshop archive and tried to do everything by computer. The bad news is, it doesn’t look half as good. The good news is, it took me only an evening (though that still means more than five hours). The coloring isn’t that good (I can make far better things with Classy and Keynie’s hair), but I was able to finish it in a day. If I manage to skip the paper I might be able to update more often. So I will keep on trying. Forgive the failings of the art during the transition progress, please. I am just trying to make more strips, even if they don’t look as good. I will try to do artistically nice ones from now to then (my favourite one, art-wise, so far, has been Idiots, idiots everywhere!), but right now I want to see if I can keep updating regularly.

I can’t promise, though. If you are interested, I’d recommend subscribing. Thaks for reading up to this 🙂

017 – The prettiest girl in town

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Because quantity isn’t better than quality. Specially in long-term relationships 🙂

012 – A bit of History

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Rise, Glory and Fall of sweet Keynie.

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OK, sorry for the delay, and specially for the lousy art. I’ll try to make it better as soon as my newfound baby lets me.
I am not a pet person. I love animals too much, and I respect them way too much as to not want the responsibility that comes with a pet. I not only hate to see an animal abandoned or mistreated… I also hate it when I see a dog bark asking for some caresses, tenderness and love, and the owner just slaps it. Animals, specially domestic ones, not only need proper care, vets, good food, proper education and playtime. They need love and affection. Which is why I never wanted to have one. I tend to avoid responsibility because once I have accepted it, I take it to heart. I did not want to have a pet because didn’t think I could take proper care of it. Oh, I love to watch them and all. I like to see them. But even when I’ve been offered adorable kittens or puppies (and I’ve had chances with amazing ones), I have refused, not wanting to accept responsibility.

That was until last Sunday.
I don’t know how to describe the change. People who don’t own pets won’t understand it, and people who do own pets maybe never were so reluctant to accept one or maybe always loved them and it’s hard to explain the shift from not wanting to do anything with pets to how I feel now about it.

Last Saturday I rode my bike to a nearby, pretty brook. And I heard a cat meowing. I tried to find it in case it was wounded, but I couldn’t so I thought it didn’t want to be found. But next day, Sunday, I went to the brook again, and the cat was meowing hysterically again. I thought it must be either hurt or lost, because it had been calling for someone two days.

It took a bit of time to find it. It was very well hidden (though still meowing heartbreakingly), and I almost didn’t see the tiny pair of green eyes. He’s black. Velvet black, really, with grey overtones and a few long white hairs on its back. Very silky. Looked pretty healthy, and quite loving, it seems an abandoned domestic cat. Color-wise, it was a witch’s cat, with one of my favourite color combinations: black hair and green eyes.

As I wrote before, I am not a pet person. I did not want the responsibility. But I couldn’t help the thought: “if it comes with me, I’m keeping it”.
I meowed.
He came out of the plants where he had been hiding, and came with me.

I don’t know how to explain this. I guess I can just remember Bran Stark’s first chapter in “Game of Thrones”. The book. It all can be summed in Jon’s sentence:
“This one’s mine”.

011 – Standing one’s ground

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The Economic Girls fight Nazi, National Sozialist Economics, teeth and nail, no holds barred, with all the weapons in their power. Or, do they?

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010 – Models, models everywhere!

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Classy gives classes on how to everything.

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If anyone’s curious about why Monney is cooking spaghetti in a frying pan, it’s because in the original drawing it was an omelette. I had seen in TV that some university students had successfully created a formula to make a perfect “tortilla”. Unluckily, when I searched for the formula, I couldn’t find it. I stumbled upon the mathematical model for perfect spaghetti, though. It does exist. And so, I changed the omelette into spaghetti, but I didn’t want to re-do the cooking utensils. In any case, I think I’ll try that spaghetti modeling some day, to check out its efficiency. Whatcha doin’? Spaghetti? Nope, I’m checking out the empirical reach of Neoclassical economics.

009 – The problem that isn’t there

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Keynie crashes an Illuminati party

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OK, this one might warrant an explanation.

I hate conspiranoics. I don’t know if that word exists in English, it’s a mixture of “conspiracy” (which is something that may happen and actually has happened in world History) and “paranoic” (which is the mental illness that makes you believe everyone is against you). As I was saying, I hate conspiranoics, for many reasons. Because they pick and choose the evidence that makes them right and ignore those that disprove their conjectures. Because they are stubborn mules who refuse to admit it when their hypothesis have been disproved. But mostly and mainly, first and foremost, because they deviate the attention from the REAL conspiracies.

Everything that those “illuminati” in the above image are saying, has been done or is being attempted somewhere in the world. A few years ago, in Spain, politicians sold profitable companies to the private sector. They were the national telephone company and the national energy provider. Those companies were built during more than five decades, with public money. Their assets were far more valuable than what they were sold for. More importantly, those companies produced benefits, and those benefits went straight back to the Spanish Treasury. Nowadays, all the benefits go to private hands. To add insult to injury, those companies now manage to give extremely well-paid positions to politicians of all parties. Their benefits are now in private hands, while Spain has now the constant need of selling more and more public debt. Recently, that public debt sells at a 6 o 7% interest. Out of Europe, the attempt to privatize water sources in South America has been more than proved for long. Though at first sight that might seem more dangerous than the full privatization of the educational system, I find the latter the more insidious and dangerous initiative, at least when I think long-term. The countries with best educational systems are the ones with more honest politicians and enterprises. The ones where social mobility is greater. The privatization of educational systems is a way to ensure that, in the long term, in a few decades, social mobility disappears.

All that those “illuminati” in this cartoon are doing, has been done or is being attempted, right now. Not by powers in the shadow, not by the men behind the curtain, not by the reptilians from Andromeda. It is being done and attempted by companies, lobbies, politicians and people with names and faces, people who are doing all that (or have done it already) out in the open.

Seriously. You don’t need illuminati or reptilians to be fucked off. People who dislike welfare state, universal health care or high-quality public education are out in the open, and at work. It would do us better if we all realized that.

008 – Movies

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Monney and Austri talk about movies

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