016 – Standards

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*Again, for real. You have an easy and quick explanation here, the Wikipedia page here, and you can check the sources by linking on both sites.
This has also happened in Spain, when a town was expropriated and the people evicted because a dam was going to be built and the town would end at the bottom of the reservoir. It was a real case of “public need”, since Spain is regularly ravaged by droughts and it needs as many reservoirs as it can build (basically, if there is a hole on the ground, we need to put a dam on it). Still, the dam was never built and the village was left abandoned. However, the USA case was far more interesting for two reasons: 1, USA rules the world and more people are interested in it. 2, the expropriation wasn’t made to build dams, roads, railroads or national reserves. The owners were forced to sell because a private company wanted to build there.

There have been apologies, and people admitting that the decision was wrong (now that in Spain would be a goddamn supernatural occurrence worthy of James Randi’s million dollar). But it still stands as an example in “not to do’s” about both Laws and local government.

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