015 – Heartbreak

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EcGirls- 015


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Even if the politicians in the picture ruled during the 80s, the point remains: atheist Ayn-Randian rich Neoliberals can only get to certain places of power hand in hand with the religious conservatives. The fact that half of their ideologies clash quite hard doesn’t stop them from getting into the political bed together when necessary. I just find that funny, and sad at the same time. It’s probably more sad than funny, but if I don’t try to find humor in the state of Economics and Politics, I might as well go watch Supernatural and never read a paper again (I do NOT watch TV news for information, they are poison… papers need to be checked out, but TV is simply outrageous).

Sorry, sorry sorry for not updating in MONTHS. I cannot promise an update schedule. I can only update when I have an idea, something to say. If someone is really interested (pleased to  meet you, reader from Turkey! Thanks for your support 🙂  ) you’d better subscribe, because I cannot promise I will update regularly and I don’t want you to waste your time checking up the website.

That said, next time I leave for months, at least I will put a notice saying so. I do not have much time to work hard on the panels. That’s why this one is so lousy. Sorry for that, I cannot put that many hours on this site. Thanks everyone who liked this.

I wish I could give all my time to this.

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