009 – The problem that isn’t there

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Keynie crashes an Illuminati party

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OK, this one might warrant an explanation.

I hate conspiranoics. I don’t know if that word exists in English, it’s a mixture of “conspiracy” (which is something that may happen and actually has happened in world History) and “paranoic” (which is the mental illness that makes you believe everyone is against you). As I was saying, I hate conspiranoics, for many reasons. Because they pick and choose the evidence that makes them right and ignore those that disprove their conjectures. Because they are stubborn mules who refuse to admit it when their hypothesis have been disproved. But mostly and mainly, first and foremost, because they deviate the attention from the REAL conspiracies.

Everything that those “illuminati” in the above image are saying, has been done or is being attempted somewhere in the world. A few years ago, in Spain, politicians sold profitable companies to the private sector. They were the national telephone company and the national energy provider. Those companies were built during more than five decades, with public money. Their assets were far more valuable than what they were sold for. More importantly, those companies produced benefits, and those benefits went straight back to the Spanish Treasury. Nowadays, all the benefits go to private hands. To add insult to injury, those companies now manage to give extremely well-paid positions to politicians of all parties. Their benefits are now in private hands, while Spain has now the constant need of selling more and more public debt. Recently, that public debt sells at a 6 o 7% interest. Out of Europe, the attempt to privatize water sources in South America has been more than proved for long. Though at first sight that might seem more dangerous than the full privatization of the educational system, I find the latter the more insidious and dangerous initiative, at least when I think long-term. The countries with best educational systems are the ones with more honest politicians and enterprises. The ones where social mobility is greater. The privatization of educational systems is a way to ensure that, in the long term, in a few decades, social mobility disappears.

All that those “illuminati” in this cartoon are doing, has been done or is being attempted, right now. Not by powers in the shadow, not by the men behind the curtain, not by the reptilians from Andromeda. It is being done and attempted by companies, lobbies, politicians and people with names and faces, people who are doing all that (or have done it already) out in the open.

Seriously. You don’t need illuminati or reptilians to be fucked off. People who dislike welfare state, universal health care or high-quality public education are out in the open, and at work. It would do us better if we all realized that.

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